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Website development

Most companies can benefit from a well designed website as it is a proven way to improve business by enabling better communication with new and existing customers. It is your shop window on the web and as such, it has enormous potential to generate increased business.

Arnimedia Website Development London

Small and medium sized businesses often use template based websites due to concerns around cost, this is often misplaced & counter productive as many generic sites fail to engage with your customers and end up being a waste of time and money.

That’s way Arni Media only offer bespoke solutions. All of our sites are custom made with strict attention to detail; to ensure our designs reflect only your company and no one else’s.

We also include a content marketing strategy, making sure that each keyword that we use in your site are those likely to be used by your customers searching for you on the web.

Our websites works using easy-to-use Content Management Systems, we have our own custom made CMS, for special or more complex solutions.

eCommerce solutions

We are living in the age of digital technology and the Internet, where most people spend a large part of their daily lives. The weekly spend across all retailing sites was £6.3 billion in April 2013, the amount of all sales increased by 2.1% compared to last year.

eCommerce development London

It now makes sense to make the move to sell online, we can offer you a completely bespoke end to end solution. For complex e-stores, the best platform is Magento, due better and more flexible settings, integration with bookkeeping software and more stable work with a big quantity of goods. For small or medium size e-stores we advice to use WordPress under WooCommerce. Flexible and fast, with plenty of options, аs a type of payment and delivery.


Branding or brand redesign is not just the ability to create a nice looking logo for your business card. It requires a much more sophisticated approach, reflecting the positioning of your company’, to create a trustworthy and recognizable brand.

Branding design

Our branding process consists of 5 stages;

  • Analysis
  • Logotype development
  • Testing
  • Corporate identity – the development of guidelines
  • Final presentation

A new identity has to work and be consistent across all media, which is why we spend time on analysis and testing before we complete the branding process.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the key measurements of success in building a website, is if it can be found easily using the key search engines, Google, Bing, yahoo etc. Our SEO strategy ensures that your company is well placed in searches using keywords, which relate to your company and reflect your product or services.

There are two key factors, which will contribute to a successful SEO strategy.

The first is the type of tools used, for example the Google’s Keyword Tool, where it is possible to see the quantity or volume of searches per month using your preferred keywords, within your target area.

Search engine optimization success

Secondly analysis of incoming and outgoing links, back-links and mentioning in the web and social networks.

Please read our SEO success stories, and if you would like to discuss your own, please call or drop us a line.

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